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Arkmiido Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler with Hip Seat, Child Carrier Backpack 3 in1 for Toddler,Baby Sling Wrap Newborn, Breathable and Soft Baby Warp for All Season


Short Description:

  • 【Three-in-one baby carrier】 Parents can carry their children in three ways: carrier mode (at least 6 months), hip sitting position (at least 3 months) and combination mode (3 months to 36 months). It is convenient for you to take your children away.
  • 【All designed for babies】 with shutter ventilation window, silicone non-slip mat, removable hood, in addition, the stool surface is more comfortable than the general narrow stool surface, avoiding possible A-type O-legs in the early stage Created. The new design of soft anti-stretch strips allows babies to sit on a waist stool for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.
  • 【Easy and safe travel options 】Easy and safe travel options The baby’s tilt angle is 35 °, which naturally adapts to the parents ‘body, which not only increases the comfort of the baby, but also reduces the pressure on the parents’ belly. Our shoulder straps are 22 mm thick and 55 mm wide. Babies with heavy backs cannot reach their shoulders.
  • 【 Quality material】 This baby carrier is made of high-quality skin-friendly cotton material, which is a mesh material suitable for all seasons. It is soft and comfortable. The overall design is lightweight and breathable with attention to detail.
  • 【 Tips】 Please adjust the waist stool to a reasonable length before use. The buckles of the left and right legs need to be adjusted to a reasonable length and they will not fall.

Product Detail

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Large Capacity

The large storage bag of the baby sling for newborn is 6.3 inches long and 4.7 inches high, you can put the iPhone 7Plus into it.

Shoulder Strap

The thicker shoulder straps provide a shoulder-free design, so don't worry if your baby is heavy.

UV Protection Hat

The removable UV protection hat of the baby hip seat can withstand the attack of ultraviolet rays and dust, which is both breathable and refreshing, so that your baby can sleep peacefully.

Sloping Surface

The sloping surface of the baby sling for toddlers allows your baby to naturally fit the parent's body, making your baby more secure and comfortable.

Fine Carftsmanship of the Baby Sling for Toddlers



We only use fine craftsmanship to make products, from buttons to zippers, from webbing to leather goods, we care about the details only to provide the intimate care for your baby.

Ergonomic Leg Position

The seat of the baby carrier has an adjustable thigh circumference design and a more reasonable fixing method to double the safety of your baby.

Multi-function Mode

You can use the baby sling in three ways: Strap mode, Single-Stool mode and Combination mode.

Arkmiido provides a variety of products for babies, allowing moms to choose what they want.


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