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Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed with Cushion- Luxery Dog Tents & Pet Houses with Cushion & Blackboard (Star)


Short Description:

  • Stars Pattern: In the evening, when you turn off the lights, your pet can see the stars shining in this tent. It’s also a really nice addition to the interior of your house.
  • Secure and Private: This pent house could give your pet a private room, keep them safely contained. Pet especially like the privacy flaps.
  • Comfortable: The fabric is durable, well-sewn, nicely detailed, thicker cushion could make pet feel comfortable. The cushion is very soft , your pet will have a good night in this comfortable pet bed.
  • Easy to assemble:This teepee is super quick and easy to put together , take away and clean. The pet teepee is easy to put together and will be easy to take apart for washing!
  • Perfect Size:24 inch tall, 20 inch diameter. Perfect size ideal for pets up to 10kg/22lbs. Your pet will love it!

Product Detail

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Easy to assemble and take away

Once you take the item out of the box, set up is super easy, assemble and put away within 5 minutes, it is also portable, suitable both for home and travel.

Provide more space for your pet

Item size:20×20×24 inch

If your pet love to hide in small dark spaces,give him his own space would help him feel a bit more secured.

It’s adorable,both you and your pet will love it.


Great Material: 100% Cotton Canvas


-Resistant to bite

-Not easy to fade

-Sophisticated Workmanship


Decorate your home

You can DIY the style of your house, such as add some faux fur, a little rug, and some good ol string lights. It will be your favorite corner of your house !

Safe and Secure Pet Nest

-Closed space has a sense of security, provide your pet a better quality of sleep.

-The door of the tent could be close by button, your pet could enjoy a more comfortable space and greater sleep.

-The cotton cushion is non-slip, extremely soft, your pet will have a great sleep on it.

Package Included

1×canvas tent,

1×small blackboard,

5×pine pole,


1×cotton rope

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