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BeebeeRun Wood Shape Sorter Cube Toys with 15 Wooden Shape Blocks and Sorting Box,Learning Matching Game for Toddlers,Preschool Educational Learning Toy for Kids


Short Description:

  • BeebeeRun Wood Shape sorter comes with 15 different shapes for sorting and encourages development of not only problem solving skills,shape and color recognition but fine motor skills and dexterit as well.
  • Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube box.Put 15 different shapes in the correct holes and put them out to exercise the child’s observation and practical ability to promote hand-eye coordination.The patterns on the blocks and cube box can inspire kids’ imagination and creativity.
  • Montessori Toys for Toddlers.Ispire kid’s imagination,creativity,visual perception skills,imagination,curiosity and discovery skills.Promote toddlers physical and intellectual development.
  • Made from high quality wood.Only Non-toxic paint is used,no choking hazards,smooth edges on every block.Bright color and chunky size make it easy for toddlers to grasp.
  • Prefect interactive educational toy for 36 months and up boys and girls.Good choice as birthday and Christmas presents for kids.

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Wood Shape Sorter Cube Toys with Multiple Shaped Wooden Blocks

This wood shape sorter allow child to stay focused for a long time.

Encourages development of not only problem solving skills,shape and color recognition but fine motor skills and dexterity as well.

Great choice as birthday gift and festival gift for your kid when Christmas,Easter and Halloween coming.

Perfect interactive educational toy for family games.

  • Bright colors and chunky size make it easy to little hands to grasp.
  • Children can play like a wooden stacking block for early practice.
  • Help your child develop fine motor skills.
  • 15 different shaped wooden blocks with different patterns.
  • 1 shape sorter cube and 1 door.
  • Kids can drop the blocks through the shape-matched holes.
  • Then pour out the shapes and start all over again.
  • 15 blocks of different shapes and patterns.
  • Pentagon,Rectangle,Trapezoid,Star,Parallelogram,Round,Diamond,Hexagon,Flower,Square,Heart,Moon,Cruciform,Arched,Triangle
  • 5 pattern stories:
  • Fawn eating grass.
  • Elephant bathing.
  • Lion predator.
  • Zabra walking.
  • Building.
  • Made of safety and high quality wooden.
  • Only Non-toxic paint is used, no choking hazards, smooth edges on every block.
  • Smooth edges.
  • No choking hazards sizes.
  • Bright color and not drop paint or fade.
  • Exercise the child's observation and practical ability.
  • Promote hand-eye coordination and they can learn to sorting and matching.

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