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BeebeeRun 17 Pcs Pretend Food Toy for Kids, Slice & Share Picnic Basket Play Food Playset with Wooden Cutting Food Fruits for Indoor & Outdoor Play


Short Description:

  • 【A PICNIC】Set out the plates, utensils, wooden play foods a small blanket, and a wicker basket for creating the perfect pretend-play picnic experience; Celebrate the fun of food and the great outdoors!
  • 【INCLUDES BASKET】Pear,lemon,orange,watermelon,banana,utensils,donuts,picnic blanket,carrying basket. Ages 3 and up.
  • 【SHARE IT】Lay out the classic checkered blanket, just like a real picnic; Serve up breakfast, lunch, or desert on the wooden plates; Croissant and fruit halves connected via magnet – Use kid-friendly wooden knife to cut them in half
  • 【GROWN UPS】Through role-play, sharing, and sharpens fine motor skills.Strengthens fine motor skills, communication skills. Kids also get the opportunity to make smart food choices
  • 【WOODEN CONSTRUCTION】All food pieces made entirely of high quality wood; BPA-free; Nontoxic paint; Fully safety tested; Basket made of strong wicker with real cloth lining and picnic blanket;

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Let's Go on a Picnic

A charming little basket filled with everything you need for an afternoon picnic. Have your friends or family over or maybe even your favorite teddy bears for lunch in the backyard, park, or living room.

Pack up the bread, fruits, veggies and desserts. There's plenty of food to share with a friend or family, just slice it in half! Prepare and chop up some fruit with a fun *scrrritch* as you really cut. When all the food is ready, spread out your picnic blanket!


A great way to stimulates your child's creative thinking and also improves on their social skills.

  • Big Coffe Material in the Toy Industry—Beech Wood : -——Trunk straight, tough material, meticulous structure, durable, easy to process

——Smooth and smooth polishing, no burr not tied hands, carefully care baby tender skin

  • Friendly Green Paint for Baby : Do not contain benzene, mercury and other harmful substances, paint film delicate, color soft, and baby mouth close contact is not afraid.
  • Encourage early childhood play and social interaction for kids! Kids develop food vocabulary as they engage in dramatic play.


Quality goods, no sharp edges nor corners

Made with natural cuts of wood encourages children to play the way they want to play. Practice their hand-eye coordination, learn new vocabulary words and engage in imaginative play.


17 pcs plastic play foods to create a baby's simulated picnic scene,is just the right size for children


5pcs fruits :Pear, watermelon, banana, orange, lemon

4pcs desserts: cake, croissants, bread, donuts


Basket made of strong wicker with real cloth lining and picnic blanket;Made with natural cuts of wood.


Baby happy picnic time

Imagination Generation is a fully-furnished picnic set for two!

This pretend picnic have hours and hours of fun. Not only is this picnic packed with wholesome, healthy foods, but every food comes in twos or can be sliced in half to encourage sharing.

It kickstarts social skills through role-play and sharing, and jumpstarts fine motor skills through slicing and assembling.

And it all packs up into the quaint basket when the picnic is over.

Fun to play with at home or away

  • Picnic blanket*1
  • Carrying basket*1
  • Knife*2
  • Plate*2
  • Fork*2
  • Fruits*5
  • Desserts*4

Packed with Learning!

This colorful picnic toys can cultivate your kids hand eye coordination capacity.

Each food can be sliced in half because fruit and dessert slicer is connected with adhesion.

Bright and various colors can not only attract kids attention, but also cultivate color perception capacity.


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