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Arkmiido Mini Water Dispenser for Kids Simulation Drinking Fountain Play House Toy for Indoor and Outdoor Use Easy Install and Clean No Battery Required


Short Description:

  • Function: Simulated water dispenser, press the tap to produce water, easy to use.
  • Large capacity: 1.6L capacity meets children drinking needs, and smaller bottle can be replaced.
  • Design: Fast installation, the body and bottle are detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Portable: Portable size and no battery required, convenient for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Material: Made of eco-friendly material, rounded corner design, safe and sturdy.

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Arkmiido Mini Water Dispenser for Kids for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The fun-filled simulation water dispenser allows your children to drink while playing, easily learn to pour water, cultivate their hands-on ability, and make them fall in love with drinking water. It is a great gift for birthdays and Christmas.



Correct use method: close the waterproof plug and tighten the bottle cap before use.


Installation step 1

Fill the water bottle with water and place it on a flat surface normally.

Installation step 2

Put the machine body upside down and buckle it on the water bottle.

Installation step 3

Place the water dispenser upside down, and the installation is complete.

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