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Arkmiido Easel for Kids Foldable Wooden Art Kids Easel Double-Sided Magnetic Drawing Board with Eraser & Pack of Chalks and Cognitive Magnetic Stickers Birthday Gift for 3+ Years.


Short Description:

  • 【No need to assemble, foldable design】 Newly designed in 2020, a large foldable drawing board for children is easy to open and store, and does not take up family space.
  • 【360° Rotation】 The unique double-sided knob design can adjust the height and angle of the drawing board at any angle, select the appropriate height and angle for use, and can rotate 90° as a desktop.
  • 【Double-sided magnetic drawing board】It has a whiteboard surface and a blackboard surface. The whiteboard can be used for drawing with whiteboard pens (Note that markers cannot be used), the black board is written with dust-free chalk. Both sides are magnetic drawing boards, you can use magnetic stickers to increase the fun.
  • 【Simple and fun】 The large area of the board provides enough space for children to create, and supports two children to use at the same time. There is a scroll on the top to place a roll of paper for painting (rolled paper is not included)
  • 【Tips】 Remember, the blackboard is only used for chalk. The whiteboard can only be written with whiteboard pens. Do not use markers or watercolor pens to draw on the whiteboard, otherwise it cannot be erased. Please peel off the protective film before use.

Product Detail

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Art Easel For Kids

  • Give a young artist a gift of creative fun with an Art easel. Art easels are not just a playroom decoration. There are so many reasons why kids benefit from being creative, using their imagination and drawing on easels with markers, pencils, and paint.
  • Easels do not only just give kids a special place to draw, but also writing, drawing and coloring on an easel can help children develop a good grasp on their crayons, which they will need for handwriting when they are in school.

Ideal To Inspire Creativity

This kid's easel will provide hours of creative activity, like painting, coloring, drawing, lettering and math games etc., which is both enjoyable and educational.


Stable structure

As an adjustable drawing board, stability is very important. The 3 in 1 art drawing board is supported by a triangular structure, which can bear 20KG. Adults fix the knobs on both sides, so that children can play with peace of mind.


Safe Material for Kids

Imported New Zealand Wooden Safety material which will not hurt the hand,more durable.The easel for kids is made of high quality wood with no formaldehyde. Compliance with international standard testing.


Water-soluble chalk

High-density material, no dust, no dross slag.We care more about the safety of children


Gift accessories

Including dry erase board, chalk board, large bottom storage tray, the tray is equipped with 4 high-quality whiteboard markers, 3 dust-free chalk, two erasers, letters and magnetic animal stickers, magnets, markers and other supplies

Easy to write on and erase

Comes with eraser, small box of dust-free chalk, the dust-free chalk need wet cloth or wet eraser to wiped.EraserS that you can use on boards and magnetic letters & numbers.

An art table easel for kids

The unique double-sided knob design can adjust the height and angle of the drawing board at any angle, select the appropriate height and angle for use, and can rotate 180° as a desktop.



Art easel for kids

The kid is at the age when he begins to have an unrestrained mind and shows a strong desire for painting, this art table easel for kids can help solve the problem of kid's scribbling and also improve their concentration. Have this art table easel for kids, just like have a mini classroom at home. If your kids have a beautiful artist dream, this kids art easel will help them.

Warn Tips:
  • Please tear off the protective film on the boards before using.
  • Recommended for kids above 36 months ages & under adult's supervision.
  • Chalkboard only for chalks; whiteboard only for markers or papers.
  • Please use it for children after installation. The knobs on both sides need to be fixed, and the storage board needs to be placed in the correct position.


  • Ages: 3+
  • Requires: Adult assembly
  • Wood Material: Russian camphor pine
  • Easel Board Size: 19.7 x 225.6 inches
  • Weight:17.6 lbs
  • Adjustable Height: 30~ 47 inch

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